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the shooting occurred spoke today from texas. >> we haven't had security incidents in this theater. the person made a well organized and have an assault weapon probably overpowering security. it's obviously a did he ranged gunman that had access to very high, powerful weapon autos tim warner added he doesn't know if theater employees were wounded or killed. >> there is coverage continuing and up next, we're learning about some victims of the tragedy and messages being left by loved one autos and comments from the president and mitt romney. >>> welcome back to continuing courage of the colorado theater massacre. after 12:30, police in aurora started to receive calls of a shooting in a theater showing "batman the dark knight rises". that is when a man started firing on the audience, 12 people died and 59 were injured. >> there are seven down. seven down. >> i was just trying to think how to get my kids out of there. >> we're not looking for any other suspects. we're confident that he act add lone. >> the shooter caught and arrested near his car outside of the movie theater, officers found three
, this electrifying moment in texas. >> and that is scary. a bright flash and a loud clap of thunder, some players running for cover. take a look at that. and the lightning hit just north of the ballpark. one player dropped to his knees and another, screamed. the game delayed until skies finally cleared. boy that will get your attention. >> get your heart rate up, won't it?. >> let's get another check of our warming forecast. >> there is sandhya patel. >> i want to show you video if we have it. just minutes ago we'd told but a possible funnel cloud or a tornado. there is looking like there was some rotation. but our assignment desk just confirmed that the forecasters there are saying it's just sheets of rain coming in. there are thunderstorms in the area. that is going to continue. from about dc area across atlanta, even out towards desert southwest, thunderstorms remaining in the forecast for tuesday. you notice temperatures are cooler, 89 in atlanta. 09 in st. louis. hot here in the western u.s. and heat warnings in effect for deserts of southern california and areas. you'll notice red in the pa
in a moment. >>> this afternoon, researchers at the university of texas taking a new approach to find out what causes autism, studying discarded baby teeth from children with and without autism. the results can show compounds such as pesticides and plastics a child is exposed to in the womb. >> and this is looking at blood or hair but that is only snap shot in time of recent exposure, it doesn't provide historical record of exposure like teeth do. so when teeth are forming they -- there is a record of what you've been exposed to. >> some believe a genetic predisposition could trigger autism but there is no proof of that. >>> studies find important tools for weight loss in women are a pen and notebook. this found the best way to eat less is write down everything you meet eet. the women who kept a food journal lost more than those who didn't and don't skip meals. and limit going out to eat. missing meals and eating out frequently led to less weight loss. write it down. don't skip, eat in. >> and women who want to improve heart health can focus on three s's. >> campaigns like go red have raise ad
news now. a serious flooding in harris county near houston, in texas this, is a hey rainfall produced this and they're working on saving the horse autos this has been a problem. there is a flash flood watch and they're trying to get the people and animals to higher ground. >> stay with us. >> and still ahead at 4:00 did the u.s. drug prisoners to question them? there is a study this afternoon. >> what abc's katie touric is saying about this bizarre bill board in iraq. >> taking a look at mount tam we can see evidence of nature's cooling on the way. i'm spencer christian and i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up. >>> at this hour, highest ranking diplomats understand force. the former syrian ambassador was interviewed on al jazeera and says the international community must use force to bring peace to syria. he is the highest ranking syrian diplomat to deflect. activists claim the army continues to bomb homes. and right now, the pentagon is saying there is no evidence that mind altering drugs were used to question prisoners at guantanamo bay, cuba. officials do admit some were i
. as for your bloomberg silicon valley index it closed qlor on the day. and there are shares of texas instruments declined after hours after the earnings report. there is chips run devices from fighter aircraft and says it's hurting demand for electronics and forecasting third quarter sales and profits that may fall short of some estimates. speaking of earnings apple will release third quarter results tomorrow. and this company generally beats estimates but many believe this time around, apple may post slowest sales two of years, how come? there are fans putting off buying as they avoid the -- await the newest model of smart phone which may not arrive until october. so that is the one to watch for. back to you. >> thank you. >> and if you're looking for a bit of a break from heat, it's arrived. >> now, will it stay? >> there is a look at live doppler 7 hd. clouds beginning to push up against portions of the coastline. that push will continue. up to the north we've got thundershower activities. and over in this sierra there is a summer thunderstorms certainly hitting higher terrain. su
sexts are more likely to be sexually acti. that is according to researchers at university of texas in galveston. most were 15 or 16 years of age. 77% of the girls who had sent sexts were sexually active compared to those who had not. they also had a higher chance of engaging in risky behavior. >> video of a little girl just five years old swimming with sharks is getting an emotional response from parents around the country. abc 7 news received a lot of comments and you can see that people have plenty to say about it. >> look how close they are. >> home video making a splash online shows the little girl in water off the bahamas. that is her, snorkling with sharks. the water may not appear deep nor animals menacing but remember, they're sharks, and nya is just five years old. at the beginning of the video, posted by her parents, it sounds as if her mother is nervous. >> are you at a save distance? >> i was having second thoughts. >> but the daring family from connecticut decides to go for it. >> you didn't feel scared? >> at no point did i feel like this is dangerous. like going on a
we have catching up to do. houston texas is the coolest city to live in in the u.s. followed by washington, d.c., los angeles, and seattle. those round out top five cities. oakland, 16th. here is how forbes ranked cities. based on ethnic diversity, and perhaps the key, affordibility for young professionals. >>u! we're not high on affordibility. >> there is a warning for driver who's may northbound the city this sunday. expect road closures in the mirathon. the race starts and ends near the ferry building. and full course goes over golden gate bridge and through golden gate park before returning to the bay. embarcadero closed at midnight they shut it down near the starting line. street signs have been set up telling the public about these closures and muni will have to reroute bus line autos for several nights bay bridge drivers will get a glimpse of things still to come. last night caltrans lit-9รง 24f new lights on the completed skyway back. and caltrans will be testing those on and off for several nights. they were designed for the bridge which ended in pure white light t
, texas, did i mention it's fun? it's partly a way to mark the 10 year anniversary of their friend's death. proceeds will be donated to charity. >> we have the latest on a michael jackson documentary. but first what we're learning from 911 calls about justin beiber's speeding ticket. >> friday, justin beiber was pulled over for driving recklessly on the frae. he called reporting he had five cars following them saying the driver woz not stop following him. he tried defending himself saying he was only driving that fast because he was trying to get away from them. it's been 25 years since michael jackson released the album "bad" now it's been rereleased with additional tracks and fans will learn more later this year when director spike lee releases a documentary about it. lee says there will be footage no one has ever seen. and fans of the popular 50s "50 shades of gray" will soon get to see it on the big screen. there is no word when the first one will be released. for more celebrity news go to >> and still to come at 4:00 race for the white house is closer thafr n. both using job
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8